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 Global IPv6 Events to be held in Taiwan


"The First IPv6 Summit in Asia Pacific"

in conjunction with


Feb 24-26, 2004

Taipei, Taiwan


 IPv6 Organizations in Taiwan

since October 2001


since October 2001


 IPv6 Projects in Taiwan

IPv6 Projects


  • 6GIANT IPv6 Gallop Internet AppliaNce of Taiwan

  • The development of a switch-based IPv6 router

  • NBEN - National Broadband Experimental Network

  • TANET2 - Taiwan Research Network

  • The deployment of IPv6 network
  • 6TANET IPv6 TrAnsition Network Environment of Taiwan

  • 6TIME IPv6 TransItion for Mobile Environment


 Key IPv6 Players in Taiwan

Government Agencies


  • NICI (National Information and Communication Initiative)

  • NSC (National Science Council)

  • DGT (Directorate General of Telecommunications)

  • DOIT, MOEA (Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economics Affairs)



  • TWNIC (Taiwan Network Information Center)

  • ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute)

  • III (Institute for Information Industry)

  • CHT (Chung-Hwa Telecommunications Laboratory)



  • Academia Sinica

  • NCHC (National Center of High Speed Computing)

  • NTHU (National Tsing Hwa University)

  • NCTU (National Chiao Tung University)

  • NDHU (National Dong Hwa University)

  • CHT (Chung-Hwa Telecommunications Laboratory)



HiNet -  2001:0C50::/32

TANet- 2001:0C50::/32

ASN - 2001:0C50::/32

TTN - 2001:0C50::/32


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